6 Tips to give your property a spring clean?

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to give your rental properties some TLC if they’re in need of it – sometimes a good spring clean just isn’t enough!

These six top decorating tips for landlords will help you make the most of the springtime and update your properties for the year ahead.

Landlords are typically advised to redecorate their properties every three years, so if that time has come around, now is the perfect chance to tackle your portfolio. Follow these six top tips to decorate your property effectively this springtime:

1. Plan a periodic inspection

If you haven’t visited the property in a few months or your tenants aren’t very good at updating you with issues, simply arrange a periodic inspection before you plan to start decorating. This way, you can assess the property and make a checklist of areas that need some attention. However, remember that you are legally obliged to give your tenants at least 24 hours’ written notice before visiting the property.

2. Schedule the work when tenants move out

If you know that your current tenancy is coming to an end soon, schedule to start conducting the work as soon as your tenants have moved out. Although this could mean your property is empty for a period of time, if you plan ahead, you should be able to get the work done in a reasonable time frame and start decorating immediately after your tenants leave. Alternatively, if your tenants are going on an Easter holiday, it could be a perfect opportunity to complete any small jobs you have to do.

3. Protect your property while work is completed

Landlords that need to conduct long-term work on their properties should remember that the home still needs protecting while it is empty. Unoccupied properties are particularly vulnerable, so if you’re planning a complete overhaul of the decor and fixtures, you could consider taking out unoccupied property insurance. Just Landlords offers three handy distinct levels of cover for you to choose from.

4. Go for quality

Whether you have short-term tenants or longer-term tenancies, choosing quality fittings for your properties is essential. This way, no matter how many tenants move in and out, or how long a tenant stays put, your property should suffer as little damage as possible. Going for the cheapest option may be tempting, but rental properties really do require quality. Higher quality fixtures and fittings will also help your property appeal to valuable tenants when you’re seeking new ones.

5. Choose modern neutrals

Landlords know the drill – paint the walls with neutral colours that will appeal to as many tenants as possible, choose dark carpets that will hide any stains, and only install contemporary, understated fixtures and fittings. But don’t feel like you’re limited to magnolia and beige; there are plenty of modern tones to choose from. Think stylish greys, muted pastels and practical browns for the contemporary renter.

6. Finish things off with plants

As it’s springtime and you’ll be looking to freshen up your property as much as possible, finish off your decorating with some green plants. Make sure they are long-life and easy to maintain, so that your tenants can look after them, and you’ll instantly bring new energy and life into a room. Tropical-style plants are particularly on trend for 2017 too, so they’re the ideal addition to appeal to your tenants.

Following these decorating tips for landlords will really help you brighten up your property and attract great tenants this springtime.

Carol Lewis

Carol Lewis is a respected property journalist with an enthusiasm for anything to do with property. She is the senior member of the Estate Agents London News journalist team but also writes for other respected magazines and newspapers. Her background is in property, investments and video production. Carol has worked on publicity campaigns for a large number of organisations but now runs this not-for-profit blog. Her main aims are to educate the public and drive up standards in estate agency.

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