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Removal companies London


Find out how to choose the best removal companies in London so that there’s no stress on moving day. Make sure your belongings are moved safely from your old house to your new house on time.

If recommendations are important to you then carry on reading to see which removal companies I have ‘endorsed independently’ – cutting out all the hard work you would have done in finding a reputable firm.

All of the London removal companies listed below have been given a Trusted Trader status.

Hiring a removal company

Moving can be stressful, everyone knows that don’t they? Unless you live in a tiny flat it really makes sense using a professional removals company to help you along the way. Even though you might think packing and loading your stuff may not sound that difficult there is a huge amount of skill involved in packing fragile items and loading them in a van or a large truck so they can be safely moved from one destination to another.

A removal worker knows how to load a vehicle in a safe way and knows how much weight they can carry, so you can avoid hurting yourself.

So how do you choose the best removal company in London?

Follow my guide and you won’t go wrong.

Firstly it’s important to use a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). This will mean you are using a remover who has the necessary expertise, training, insurance and experience to carry out your move in the most professional way.

How much does a removal in London cost?

Before we discuss which removal companies in London you should use let’s first talk numbers (pounds and pence to be exact). There are a huge number of factors used to determine the cost of using a removal company. The most important factor is of course the volume of goods that will be moved. Distance, number of men needed to make the move happen and the speed of packing required also play a part in working out the exact cost of moving.

A good removal company will always explain to you what they are charging and ways in which you will be able to save some money. You can get a discount for doing the packing yourself and you can save more by buying boxes yourself independently. The question really is how much do you want to do yourself and how much of the work do you want the removal company to do?

I have compiled a table below which gives an idea about the costs involved in moving and a brief list of services available to you.

Level of service One bedroom Two bedrooms Three bedrooms Four bedrooms Five bedrooms
Man and van £100 £200 Not advised Not advised Not advised
Removal company £400 £500 £800 £1,000 £1,200+
Add packing to a removal company £150 £200 £250 £350 £400

Getting quotes from removal companies

Try and get at least 3 quotes from any of the reputable removal companies below. Most companies will want to come and have a look so they can give you an accurate price, rather than just estimate the cost over the phone. Unless you can tell the company everything over the phone then it really is a good idea to have them conduct a site visit. Access to your property up flights of stairs, tight stair ways and parking problems are just some of the issues that can be highlighted with a site visit.

If you prefer to conduct your business over the phone or if the company is unavailable for a site visit then do be honest when giving information over the phone. Be as accurate as possible when listing your possessions and do not forget everything you want to take with you from the garage and loft. These two spaces in a home are often forgotten about when estimating the amount of items that you will be moving.

If you’re moving far away from London then it may be a good idea getting quotes from removal companies located in the area you are moving to – prices could be more competitive there compared to London.

Either way, the quote should be broken down as much as possible so you can see how much you’re paying for things like packing, hourly labour charges, mileage and any storage costs. This way you are able to compare quotes much more accurately.

It goes without saying that your removal company should have insurance as standard.

Insurance shouldn’t be charged as an extra by any reputable removal company. All of the removal companies below offer insurance in all of their quotes and that’s one of the reasons why they have been given Trusted Trader status.

Expert tip for those of you moving house: large, long or tall removal vehicles can’t always navigate sharp or tight bends or uneven or steep roads. Make sure you let the removal company know about access issues or any parking restrictions. It might be an idea to get your local council to suspend parking outside your property so the removal company can have easier access.

Do all removal companies have insurance?

Most will include it in their quote. A move could be delayed meaning that you won’t be able to move in until later in the day or even the next day. What happens then? Ask your removal company what contingency plans they have in place when problems like this occur.

Check your removal company has adequate insurance in place and what the limit is on any single claim. High value single items should be covered and it would be worth checking the limit of cover if applicable. Most policies will have an upper limit for single items.

It can be a good idea doing some of the packing yourself but packing fragile items and easily breakable items is would not be advised, not by me nor by any reputable removal company.

Dealing with disputes


Good news. If you make sure you’re using a reputable supplier of a service then you’re covered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. So if anything does go wrong you will have some protection. Pickfords for example, use The Property Ombudsman as their Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme.

Expert tip: Rosie Rogers from (a comparison site for removal companies, surveyors and other home services) had this to say:  “There have been a few nightmare stories in the media regarding unregulated removals firms. However, following the Consumer Rights Act 2015, all removals companies providing a service need to offer an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) so that any issues that arise are dealt with promptly and professionally by a third party. All removals firms quoted by are supported by Ombudsman Services for free ADR and members of the BAR are supported by the Trading Standards Institute.”

Removal company checklist:

Once you’ve settled on who you will be using it could be a good idea to make clear any instructions you want the removal company to follow. You could go into details about special items that need extra care and handling, hard to move or heavy items, furniture that might need to be dismantled, carpets or curtains that are going with you, items you might be moving yourself and items you are leaving behind.

Making a list like the one above listing all the items makes the job of a removal company easier.

Expert tip: use post-it notes to label boxes with instructions for the removal person.

Trusted Trader removal companies in London

How to make it on to this list? You might ask how companies get on the Trusted Trader list? I got in touch with the guys at Compare My Move who offer a comparison service for removals in London and spoke to Dave Sayce, Director and Co-founder and gained some very insightful knowledge about the removal business. It was made clear to me that removal companies must have adequate goods in transit insurance. As mentioned above, it is a good idea they are members of BAR and have a legitimate trading history which can be verified through Company House checks. It is important that the removal company also has a fully working website that displays a link to its customer terms and conditions, address and landline number. It is also vital that they offer some sort of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

When carrying out my mystery shop I looked at all of the above, their handling of customer service enquiries and their online management of third party reviews.

So, here’s the list of all the removal companies that make it on to our list of Trusted Traders.

Fantastic Removals
It really is a ‘fantastic’ brand. The web is littered with positive reviews and it’s unlikely you haven’t seen one of their branded vans driving around London moving people. They also offer a whole host of other property related services.

Legend Removals
An inspirational story. Ilya Longo runs this company that has risen from one person man and van company to now owning a fleet of removal vehicles offering International Overseas relocations. He’s stuck to his roots and offers a ‘very personal non-corporate service’. Oh, he also has a very clever online calculator to work out exactly what your move will cost.

Cadogan Tate
Established 40 years ago Cadogan Tate have built their business on a reputation of providing exemplary service to their discerning clients. Their core values are integrity, service, expertise, care and innovation.

Bishops Move
A London based removal company since 1854 who are famous for moving the latest Archbishop of Canterbury. They’ve gone international and move their customers as far as New Zealand and Australia.

Alexanders Group
A small husband and wife have built up an impressive business based on their ‘no job is too big or too small’ mantra. They’ve stayed true to their roots though and make sure every experience is personal.

Aussie Group Removals
They’re based in London, I promise. They also cover areas surrounding London and they carry out international moves as well. They offer storage and supplies which you can also buy online.

Top Removals
Domestic moves and office moves plus storage too. Top Removals offers a nationwide 7 day service. Prices are also quoted online so it helps when finalising who to call.


All of the Trusted Traders above are encouraged to display the Trusted Trader badge (below)…


Removal companies London


…on their website. We have introduced the Trusted Trader badge as part of our mission to educate the public and drive up standards in estate agency and associated services.

A part of this mission is to never accept any type of payment or offer any sort of paid or sponsored advertising on this blog.

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