app launched for viewers to give vendors feedback

A new app has launched giving vendors much more feedback when selling their property.

Selling a property for the full market value has never been an easy task and there are many apps and tools out there to help an estate agent selling a home. which claims to ‘help estate agents make their clients happy and sell their properties faster’ says this app can help win more instructions – something that always goes down well with estate agents.

So why has trueview launched this app and what problems have they identified and what can they help to improve?

They say clients can be demanding and managing their expectations can be difficult. This is so true. Who doesn’t want the best price for their property when selling? Clients will often wonder whether they should be reducing the asking price. They will wonder whether the size of the garden is too small or the box room is exactly that – a box room! So it will be natural to wonder how the viewing went.

Up to now estate agents have solved this simple problem by asking for feedback directly from the viewers straight after the viewing and relaying that information back to the vendor either verbally on the phone or by email. Easy isn’t it?

trueview say relaying this feedback can be delayed and this would leave sellers frustrated. In turn this could lead to an unhappy seller who tells the whole world. Or so say trueview. The app presents viewers with simple questions such as:

  • rate the outside of this property
  • rate the value of this property
  • rate the condition of this property
  • rate the size and layout of this property

trueview then collates and analyses the data and send the email to the vendor immediately. Viewers find out what potential buyers like and dislike about their property. trueview say ‘the feedback comes directly from the buyers and that means it#s trustworthy an objective.’ Hmmm, you have to wonder what they really think of estate agents if they do not trust them to be trustworthy and objective!

So, do estate agents need this app? The simple answer is NO. It solves a problem that does not exist. And at £75 per month per two properties it’s ridiculously overpriced! A non starter for us. And it seems most estate agents agree.


We’ve rated the app, built by Agileapp, below on usefulness, value for money and execution.

Our rating
  • Usefulness
  • Value for money
  • Execution
The Good

Well designed

The Bad

Way too expensive

Just doesn't solve a problem

No current users or testimonials of note

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